Our Principles

1.    "What is most essential is the practice of mindfulness." Don’t rush. The pace will change over the course of a project, but your response and your discipline don’t have to change.

2.    Work without distractions, external or internal. Work with a sober crew. In our hiring we will specifically seek out people who have made a commitment to lead clean, mindful lives, lives that are one step away the domination of addiction and ego. “Turn to reality, and annihilate fantasy.” -YuanWu, Zen Letters

3.    Be honest about your experience, knowledge, and ignorance. Learn.

4.    Build to last. Build with care for the Earth. Build with passion and compassion, for the customer and co-workers.

5.    Take care of the tools. Save extra materials. Take an extra 30 seconds here and there to be in the moment, to keep the workplace clean, to wrap up cords, to think about tripping hazards on the crew.

6.    Work with nature. Design and build in a way that is integrated with nature, not to conquer nature. Re-use materials from the demolition.

7.    “Go the extra mile.”

8.    Some of the most essential philosophers in history were carpenters. Think of Whitman building houses in Brooklyn. Think of Jesus who said “cleave the woods and there am I."

9.    Start at 8 AM. Take morning break at 10:30 AM. Oftentimes, we will do some quick stretches, yoga or zazen during morning break. Lunch at 1:00-1:30 PM. Wrap and clean site at 4:00 PM. End at 4:30 PM. If you go late, take care of each other.

Updated and Reviewed by the Crew
January 2013