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All jobs get: a written estimate, a written schedule, a list of the materials is projected to need. We are out to minimize surprises. We get the job done on time.

Here is a sample job bid package:

September 1, 2011

Job Estimate
Prepared for
Rene @ 58 DuBois, Livingston Manor, NY

For: Porch Renovation

Includes restoration of existing columns and ballustrades. Repair of ceiling. Replace one joist.

Replace staircase and porch floor.

12 Days of full time labor at $225 per day
=$2700 (margin of error +/- 10%)

50% deposit ($1350) required to confirm scheduled start date. Job is currently estimated to start the first (or second) week of August. Will communicate more about this as time becomes firm.

See attached Draft Work Schedule for an outline of what will be done, when.

The following costs are not covered in this Estimate:

You and I can pick out materials together at Roscoe Lumber, if you like, I estimate the cost of materials MAY be under $500. I have a draft list of supplies we will need.

THANKS very much!


Sander Hicks
D.B.A. Zen Carpentry


Porch floor decking:          need 75.23 sq. ft.
                (upon reflection, bamboo will not work.)
                    We can see what they have. Will also check with Build It Green, in NYC, for cheap, salvaged materials.

Staircase Steps:                  need 30 sq. ft

One 8’ 2 x 6 PT as joist

6 bags concrete

2 SHEETS of gardening lattice

3 pre-made staircase forms (11” step over a 6” riser)

6 pieces of one-by pine, 8’

8 PT 8’ 2 x 4’s for new banister.

1 old-fashioned 1 & 3/4 x 3&3/4 cut 2x4.

One building jack.


Concrete mixing pan

2 Packs, cedar shims.

Slate 2 or 3 big pieces, should be about 1.5 ‘ in width, and total over 58” in length

2 gallons BIN primer sealer

Exterior Paint Red, 2 gallons, should match house.

One gallon MH Ready Patch

QUART of Wood Filler

Big Box - Exterior Decking Screws, 2”

COLUMNS: use either metal or PT 4x4s - see what they have.

Zip Strip- Gallon& pack of 36 grit sandpaper.

Draft Work Schedule

Day 1         Buy Materials& start Demolition of porch (with Joey)

2        Finish Demo/Dig holes and pour concrete (with Joey)

3        Repair joist and jack up structure to level.

4        New porch floor

5        New porch floor cont.

6        Restore ballustrades and columns (with Joey)

7        Dig staircase footer, lay slate (with or without concrete)
        Build staircase (with Joey)

8        Build staircase cont.

9        Build staircase bannisters & repair ceiling

10        Install ballustrades and lattice.

11        Sand, paint and stain.

12        Sand, paint and stain (cont.) Do final project review with customer.