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Personal Altars are good for your life.

They create a sacred space in your home.

By their presence remind you to pray and meditate every day.

Zen Carpentry is now offering personal altars through Etsy.com.

Below, is "The Roshi" a new altar made of 100% locally harvested red cedar. The wood was cut in an eco-friendly way, by salvage logger Jeff Olsen. Altar built by Sander Hicks.



This is a personal altar I just built for a friend, a gift for her two year anniversary of her sobriety. It is made of cherry and cedar.



My first altar was the one I built and donated to the Community Sacred Space at Occupy Wall Street.

It was made of eco-friendly harvested raw maple and cherry. It was made with love, thinking of how Jesus, in the banned Gospel of Thomas, said "cleave the wood and there am I."

First, this is what it looked like outside my wood shop in the Catskills:

occpy altar

Things got interesting as the many religious and devotions of the people flowed out in signs, symbols, and totems.....



Above: Coleman feels the spirit.

This altar was lost. It was unfortunately destroyed by the powers-that-be.

But the Spirit is a MOVING! ALL OVER!

Thank you Michael, you angel who slept by and took care of the Occupy Altar.

More pix and commentary on the altar and the OWS Sacred Space at Rock and Theology.

This altar building idea was all sparked off by a gift from Betsy Metz, a Buddha statue she gave me, which I donated to the Mike and Suki house in the Catskills. I built this grotto for it out of loose retaining wall stones:

buddha grotto

I can make you a custom altar, or you could check out the ones here.