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An Interview with David Horowitz
by Sander Hicks
Back before the War on Terrorism, and when the truth was still allowed to slip out at times,
I did an
interview with Bush Brain David Horowitz.


The Hatfield Files:
the archive on the late, great, controversial Bush Biographer, Jim Hatfield.

• CBS assumed it was "Unfortunate and Untrue"
The 60 Minutes interview transcript with Hatfield, Hicks, and various establishment hypocrites. Producer Jay Kernis did this hatchet job without reading Jim's book, or researching any of Hatfield's Bush cocaine arrest/Bush AWOL information.

• "Hot lights in the minefield of marginal notoriety"
The Washington Post Feature by Kath Sawyer, better writing, but notice the similar perspective

• "The people should rise up and take these slimy disgusting aristocrats from power. Before they start new wars. For starters, how about Freedom of the Press, the Bill of Rights actually lived out for real would be a good start."
I finally get to say what I want in the rough draft of the Straits Times interview, Singapore >>























Death to Diebold!
Hicks' Report on Electronic Voting, submitted to
NY Board of Elections >>

Researcher Toolbox
Published by >>


American Assassination:
The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone


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