Green Party Senate Candidate Sander Hicks Announces Run for US Senate at Webster Hall

On Cinquo de Mayo 2010, the Hicks for Senate campaign got underway! We started with a fun campaign volunteers meeting at New Amici Pizzeria. About 10 smart creative people showed up from the 9.11 Truth Movement, Green Party, and spiritual activist worlds....We talked about "fusion politics" and how the Green Party candidates can tap the huge amount of anger in the world and the country. Hicks practiced his speech, and got critical feedback.

Then. at Webster Hall, Sander Hicks and his band Rebel Moon sparked off a show that announced the beginnings of a rambunctious, rocking campaign for US Senate.

What other US Senate candidate this year also fronts a unique rock band?

Hicks gave a fun, poignant quick speech, and then sang songs with Rebel Moon. The songs covered the death of Rachel Corrie, subway searches, the Bill of Rights, the molten steel at Ground Zero, and other mysteries and phenomena of American political life. Rebel Moon also covered Simple Minds, Violent Femmes and Thunerclap Newman's "Something in the Air" which includes this vision:

"Call out the instigators
Cause there's something in the air
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here!"

Here's the speech outline:

Why I’m different:

There’s a lot of anger in the world right now:

         Progressives have been betrayed by the pro-War agenda of the Democrats
         Tea Party politics shows some confusion, BUT WHATS REAL IS the demand for answers about the mysteries around Obama, and his pseudo-progressive politics.

If you are angry, I seek to understand why. I make no judgements about your anger.
If you are suffering in this economy, I am with you, I too have been at times out of work this year, and struggling.
If your political ideas have been called crazy, well, mine have been called worse. We should talk.
Out of my struggle I have come up with some ideas for the future of the USA: New ways forward in the science of peace, in the support of free speech, and understanding.

1. Peace Leadership

It's time for the USA to become the leader in peace, we should be the top expert in non-violent conflict resolution.

We should stand for the science of advanced human communication. This is our true legacy as Americans: Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez, who showed that nonviolence is more effective than violence.

This is the way we Americans, and people worldwide, can rationally love America again.
That’s right, LOVE!
We on the left shouldn’t all be about pessimissm and negativity, we should remember what is good about America:     

         The first country to put the ideals of the Enlightenment into practice.
         BY THAT I MEAN: The Free flow of information
         We were the first complex representative democracy
         Once an example to the world, so what happened?

         Our leaders got smug. They turned over the responsibilities of government to the free market. Then look what happened. We let the banks and lobbyists became more powerful than the people. It’s time for progressives to act like prophets, and return America to the original promise, the original covenant we made with History, at the Enlightenment. We need to return to People Power, not the Cult of the Free Market.

2. Peace Economics
The war economy has bankrupted our country. The dollar is in decline, and the Chinese, who own a big chunk of our debt, are getting nervous. Stay on the path we are on, the dollar will collapse.

We need to audit the Federal Reserve. We need something better: new Public Interest banks to capitalism more democratic. A Federally-funded Public Interest Capital Bank could directly fund progressive and green entrepreneurs. This would be a real economic stimulus, and show an innovative way some market mechanisms can be used in the service of the public.

3. True Transparency
Despite Obama's promises, the Federal government relies on deception and subterfuge. The Iraq War, 9/11, Anthrax, the “triple suicide” at Guantanamo Bay, rendition, and torture, are all crimes against humanity that need full investigation, and prosecution of the guilty. It’s the right thing to do.

We are living in a crazy time, but don’t let it make you crazy.
Look not just at American history for its slavery, the theft from the Natives, and the current imperialism.

Our empire is an empire in crisis, expanding abroad, but bankrupt at home. The USA aches for answers, and they will come from me, and you, through this campaign.

Never forget America’s contributions: democracy, the internet, jazz, and rock and roll. What’s next? What are the next big ideas from our country, for the world?

These are the things that will save us and save the planet:
Peace Leadership
Peace Economics
Truth and Transparency

Please sign clipboard: volunteers, etc.



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Sander Hicks Announces Three Main Points in Campaign for US Senate:
Green Economics and Peace Leadership for the USA


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Sander Hicks

is a political activist, a writer, an entrepreneur, and a musician. Hicks is the founder of progressive businesses Vox Pop Inc., and Soft Skull Press. As a political activist, he has worked on uniting the Peace and Truth Movements, over three national speaking tours. He founded the We Demand Transparency conference, and plays in the new band Rebel Moon.

Hicks blogs for The Huffington Post, in the Religion section. He has written about economics for Alternet.

In 2003, Hicks was the star of documentary “Horns and Halos” (HBO/Cinemax) the independent publishing film in which Hicks took on the Bush Campaign, by re-publishing the biography Fortunate Son (Soft Skull, 1999). His own book, The Big Wedding (Vox Pop, 2005) broke new ground on the US intelligence assets who tried to stop 9/11 from happening. In 2008, an independent film-noir, "Able Danger" was based on Hicks' reporting on 9/11.

He serves the Green Party of NY State, as a member of the State Committee and the Campaign Committee.

He is the father of one son, Coleman, and is a practicing Christian.



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