Truth Party 2013:  Western US Tour May 2-June 1

The world is suffering from spiritual starvation. But you and I have a part of the answer in our hearts.

A world that together forsakes violence is possible. In fact, it’s an imperative.

We have immense power. We can defeat our addiction to lies with massive love, a mass movement of compassion.

Let’s have a party. The Truth Party. Let’s get high together, on love. Not with drugs, but with truth. There are many gates of truth. Why not open them all?

We invite you to an event that combines group yoga practices, spiritual seeking, hip-hop, and visionary thinking about economics. Sander Hicks, an MC named Crazy Monk, and Kaleidoscope Yoga’s Lo Nathamundi invite you to a place where spiritual and political traditions combine. Where Jesus and Allah and Buddha are one, and all are on the side of revolutionary politics. Where peace is the natural order of things, and God is not a dry concept.

We are throwing you a Party. The Truth Party.

Facilitated by

Sander Hicks, author and speaker

Speaking about a practical philosophy of "total empowerment": a political activism that incorporates spiritual realities, religious sobriety, and economic action. Do what you love.

Crazy Monk, hip hop MC and visionary

“Through this world I travel
it’s a spiritual battle
a dark windy night
the only light is a candle
when it’s more than I can handle
I let go
enter a trance like a dancer
hunt down and kill
all my fears like a panther
keep my mind clear
so I can hear all the answers.”

-Crazy Monk

Lo Nathamundi,
Kaleidoscope Community Yoga.

Our Rapidly Developing Itinerary, here.

group love


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"The truth is often told by weirdos -- people too stupid or obsessive to be bribed into silence. Sander has joined the ranks of the truth-telling Outsiders. Ignore him at your own risk."
–Sparrow, in a review of Sander Hicks’ 2012 book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut.


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Our Rapidly Developing Itinerary, here.


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"The men and women were casually dressed, polite and friendly.… When the topic is 9/11 and the ‘official story’ told by the government, they all speak and think with an impressive unanimity of opinion and with an equally impressive sincerity.”

from The Truth Gathering Reviewed
by Stanley Fish,
New York Times blog.









Here at the Truth Party, we are about three simple virtues:

  1. USA Peace Leadership,
  2. Peace Economics,
  3. Freedom from Lies

1. Peace Leadership

It's time for the USA to become the leader in peace. We should be the top expert in non-violent conflict resolution. We should stand for the science of advanced human communication. This is our true legacy as Americans: Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez, who showed that nonviolence is more effective than violence.

In your critical thinking, remember what is good about America:   

         The first country to put the ideals of the Enlightenment into practice.
         We were the first complex representative democracy.

The core mission of the USA was originally to be the first "Anti-War Nation." Jefferson said, "If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest."

The first of five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment prevents any one religion gaining state support. Freedom of religion was guaranteed because the Founders wanted to avoid the bloody European religious wars that had been raging since early 1500.

The First Amendment therefore has a bias toward Peace and Freedom. It’s time for progressives to act like prophets, and return America to the original promise, the original covenant we made with History, at the Enlightenment.

2. Peace Economics
The war economy has bankrupted our country. The dollar is in decline, and the Chinese, who own a big chunk of our debt, are getting nervous. Stay on the path we are on, the dollar will collapse.

We need to audit the Federal Reserve. We need something better: new Public Interest banks to capitalism more democratic. A Federally-funded Public Interest Capital Bank could directly fund progressive and green entrepreneurs. This would be a real economic stimulus, and show an innovative way some market mechanisms can be used in the service of the public.

3. Freedom from Lies
Despite Obama's promises, the Federal government relies on deception and subterfuge. The Iraq War, 9/11, Anthrax, the “triple suicide” at Guantanamo Bay, rendition, and torture, are all crimes against humanity that need full investigation, and prosecution of the guilty. It’s the right thing to do.

Our empire is an empire in crisis, expanding abroad, but bankrupt at home. The USA aches for answers, and they will come from me, and you, through this new political formation, the Truth Party.

Look not just at American history for its slavery, the theft from the Natives, and the current imperialism. Never forget America’s contributions: democracy, the internet, jazz, hip-hop, and rock and roll.

What’s next? What are the next big ideas from our country, for the world?

These are the things that will save us and save the planet:

USA Peace Leadership,
Peace Economics,
Freedom from Lies