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In honor of the Truth Gathering, band Rebel Moon are doing a free mp4 release of their new single. The Waltz for Rachel Corrie, backed up with a snappy B-side, No Conspiracy Theory.

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The Catskills Truth Gathering
August 14-16, 2010
Livingston Manor, NY

Save the Country. Change the World.

A conference, a gathering, a be-in, & teach-in. A communal vacation from stress and the economy, a big open mike.

We are visualizing a new direction to peace and truth for the USA.

This is how we can take the country back, and unite a huge amount of people, around the simple virtues of peace, truth, transparency, and really good homebrew.

Join the top leaders in Peace and Truth activism. Come to the Truth Gathering.

Confirmed speakers list and info here.

Full Schedule of Events.

Livingston Manor, NY is located in the northwest region of Sullivan County, about 2:15 from New York City. The quaint hamlet, which has undergone a significant renaissance over the past decade, is our gateway to the 'Great Outdoors'. The Willowemoc, one of the 'Big 3' fly fishing rivers, runs through the center of town, and the Beaverkill and Neversink rivers are only a short drive away. The Sullivan County section of the Catskill Park starts northeast of 'the Manor.' The Catskill Arts Society and the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum are located here.

The area surrounding Livingston Manor is generally more wooded to the north and east, shifting to areas of open, rolling farmland to the southwest towards Callicoon Center. Overall, this part of Sullivan County is sparsely populated.

The Debruce Road runs east out of Livingston Manor towards Debruce and Willowemoc, and follows the Willowemoc River. John Lennon and Yoko Ono once had a home on the Debruce Road.

Livingston Manor, as described by local David Knudsen.


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Travel to Livingston Manor:

Here is a shortcut to the Shortline Bus schedule from NYC to Livingston Manor.



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