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Sander Hicks started the innovative independent companies Soft Skull Press Inc.  and Vox Pop Inc. He is author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers and the Cover-Up (Vox Pop, 2005) and Slingshot to the Juggernaut: Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth. (Soft Skull Press, 2011).

Sander Hicks graduated with honors from downtown NYC’s Lang College, New School University, with a B.A. in Writing and Literature.  He won admission to New Dramatists, the esteemed New York literary development program, in 1996.

Hicks appeared in the national media from 1999 to 2001 for republishing the controversial George W. Bush biography Fortunate Son. His struggle to print the full story about then-Governor Bush was covered by 60 Minutes, New York Times, Washington Post and the award-winning documentary “Horns and Halos,” broadcast on HBO’s Cinemax in 2003.

Hicks has written about economics for Alternet and religion for The Huffington Post. He ran for office with the Green Party, and was elected the President of the Cortelyou Road Merchant’s Association in 2003. Hicks has spoken widely across the country, from house parties to radical bookstores to Stanford Law School.