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Slingshot to the Juggernaut:

The Paper Trail Press Kit

A paper trail of selected print media  from 1996 to the present.

These documents are good for background on the author, while they also help tell the history of Soft Skull Press, Vox Pop, and how some media relate to 9/11 Truth.
paper trail
Soft Skull Press, The Early Years:

November 1996, The Fodder, "Kinko's and a Punk Sensibility" published by Hungry Mind Bookstore, St. Paul.

February 1998, South Bend Tribune. "Notre Dame to Taste Radical Underground Cult Play."

March 1999 New York Times, "For a Super, Pressing Issues."

java jiveass
Java Jackass: NY vs. 911 Truth

In 2005, when my first 9/11 book came out, the New York Post saw fit to attack me as the "9/11 Java Jackass." (I was running the Vox Pop coffeehouse at the time.)

Yet, four years later, in 2009, I was a featured interview in a much more positive Post piece "The Story Behind 9/11: Hit or Myth?"

I am grateful for both! The New York Post dared go where the Times has yet to dare to tread. Even the "Java Jackass" piece is quite good once you get past the headline. A cynical reporter finds herself surrounded by 9/11 Truth in New York: among the white progressives, inside Little Pakistan, and inside the FDNY.
Horns and Halos

Here are two favorite reviews of Horns and Halos (2003), the movie I was in with the late, great Bush biographer, Jim Hatfield.

This is the review in Time Out New York, and here's the piece from The Guardian.

pop your vox Vox Pop

In the New York Times, Liza Featherstone did a lovely article on fair trade economics, and coffee.  Our Vox Pop cafe was the story's frame.

Here's a "one sheet" on Vox Pop that includes excerpts from our award from the Village Voice, as well as coverage in Brooklyn Parent, Flatbush Life and New York Press.
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