In 2009, the New York City Coalition for Accounability Now did a lot of things right.

We sought to allow voters in NYC a chance to vote on a 9/11 independent investigation. We gathered the required signatures, over 80,000. But a NY judge decided not to allow this question on the ballot. The following documents are both sad, and funny, in a way. At one point the Referee says that this would have been too much "direct democracy" and that this just isn't done in New York State.

I have been asked about this often. People want to know what exactly were the court's objections. So, here, I just got a copy of the judge's decision which is based on the 25 page report from the "Referee" of this dispute.

The lesson for me here is to work with good lawyers, when you are taking on some issue as huge as this. I hope you will agree though, that there does seem to also be some "tortured reasoning" and some presumptions about "international terrorists" in these documents. But we also could have put together a more professional petition.

Our case must be airtight, as we begin to take the case for 9/11 Truth into the courts.


25 Page Report from Referee
Judge's Concurrence