Media Report on My Murder Investigation of 9/11 Truth-Seeker Dr. David M. Graham


Collateral News of Philadelphia Net-Casts a story, based on footage I brought them from Shreveport.
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On Halloween, 2007, I did a 1/2 hour on national syndicated radio, on CLOUT, the hot new show in prime time on Air America Radio, hosted by Richard Greene. I discussed the case of Dr. Graham, 9/11 truth, and the legacy of Skull and Bones. I had been recommended to the show by Greg Palast, who described me as a reporter in America not afraid to attack the scariest of topics. (Thanks, G!)
YES! Weekly's Jordan Green handed in an authoritative 5,000 word cover story feature on the Strange Death of Dr. Graham, published October 23, 2007 (I also contributed to this piece.)


Agent Stephen Hayes confirmed in a recent interview that he had met with Graham before Sept. 11, 2001. Hayes spoke to 9-11 researcher Sander Hicks at the Shreveport FBI office in late September with this reporter as a witness. Asked if Graham arranged the meeting to "discuss young Arabs," Hayes responded, "It was to discuss an investment in a textile operation." When Hicks asked if Khan was an FBI informant, the interview soon deteriorated. Hayes terminated the conversation by saying: "We're done. Call security."

On Thursday, October 18, I was on KSLA, channel 12 television in Shreveport regarding his Federal Complaint:


Who killed Shreveport dentist and 9/11 researcher David Graham? That's the question at the heart of a complaint filed with the Inspector General's office at the U.S. Justice Department. It comes a year after Graham's death that was never investigated.


9/11 researcher Sander Hicks is the one who just filed a complaint with the Inspector General's Office at the DOJ, asking for an investigation into Graham's death because, among other reasons, those close to him still live in fear. Hicks told us, "the family has been worried that there's going to be some kind of reprisal."

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The book he died for.

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