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General Construction

Frequently Asked Questions about Zen Lofts

Before I can give you a price, here are some questions I will need information on, about your project. Feel free to paste this into an email, answer it, and send it to:
Sanderhicksdotcom AT gmail.com

Do you want just the mattress lofted, or, do you want some space around the bed?
(Most people want the latter.)

Do you want it as a "floating platform" or do you want some columns supporting it?  (As you can see from the website, we are good at floating platforms. Columns get in the way, but some apartments require them, if there are concrete walls, etc.) Notice in our work, we often use "ledgers" that connect into the wall.

Do you want hardwood trim (like the walnut, cedar, or cherry lofts on our website?)

Or do you want to paint it afterwards? Or do you want us to paint it?

Do you want a staircase ladder? This is a ladder that goes up at an angle, kind of like a staircase on a boat.

Do you want the steps of your staircase ladder to be in a nice hardwood? (They look great and they are not a lot extra.)

Does your building require an insurance certificate? I carry general liability, worker's comp, etc. and we are licensed. (NYC DCA Home Improvement Contractor's license # 1473010)

When do you want it done by? What floor are you on, and do you have an elevator?

Some Other Questions You May Have:

Do you do custom work?

Yes. It's all custom.

Can I save money by using cheap wood?

Well, we use either reclaimed lumber or commercial lumber, but there isn't a huge difference in the price either way.

We like to use pretty hardwoods, and this makes a big difference in beauty, but it doesn't really affect the price as much as people think. Really, what you are paying for is our skill, design, and reputation.

Can I save money with a vertical ladder?

We don't make those, they aren't easy to use. We have a special way to make what we call "staircase/ladders" which are small staircases at an angle of about 70 degrees. They only take up about two feet of floor space.

What are your prices?

A nice loft with hardwood trim, a staircase/ladder, can be up in the $3500 range and up.

In the past, for students, we have made lofts for less.

Who mills the walnut and cherry hardwoods you use?

His name is Jeff Olson. He specialized in small-scale, eco-conscious harvesting of logs that fall naturally, or need to be cleared from a piece of property, in upstate NY or New England. We love him so much we made a small video about him, here:


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