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The Death of Jim Hatfield: New Documents








SanderHicks.com Releases of The Jim Hatfield Suicide Note

Handwriting Samples May Open Up New Questions About Bush Bio Writer's Cause of Death

this is a press release that was never issued. I decided to release this stuff quiety.

—SH 4/22/03

Soft Skull Press Founder Sander Hicks today announces that he will release the suicide note and documents relating to the death of controversial Bush biographer Jim Hatfield, on Monday, January 6, 2003 at Sanderhicks.com. Official reports such as selections from Hatfield's FBI files, his official handwriting samples, and police reports are included in this release.

Jim Hatfield was the author of "Fortunate Son" a gutsy, bare-knuckled, ambitious (but also controversial and flawed) biography of President George W. Bush. Hatfield's book presented Bush's life "warts and all" showing both Bush's charisma and charmed life of special favors and cocaine abuse.

Hicks wishes to answer the public's speculation about Hatfield's death. A writing sample Hicks acquired through the Freedom of Information Act shows Jim Hatfield's handwriting for the full alphabet. With these documents, Hicks expects independent forensics experts will be able to study the suicide note of Jim Hatfield.

Jim Hatfield was found dead on July 18, 2001 in a hotel room in Springdale, Arkansas. His death was ruled a suicide. Later, a toxicology report showed an overdose of alcohol and anti-depressants. No autopsy was performed, and Hatfield was buried three days later. Officials interviewed in October 2001 by Hicks stated they had no suspicions of foul play since there was "no sign of struggle" at the scene.

Due to his involvement, among other things, with powerful Texas Republicans and real estate barons in Dallas in the late 80's (the present Bush White House's Clay Johnson and Larry Burk respectively) Jim Hatfield had a 1,931 page long FBI file. Hicks filed a FOIA request for this file, and after waiting two years and a month, the FBI released 234 of these pages (12% of it) to him on March 12, 2002.

Hicks had this to say: "The recent untimely death of Senator Paul Wellstone was a disturbingly lucky coincidence for the Bush White House. The sudden death of Clifford Baxter was fortuitous for the fat cats of Enron. The death of Vince Foster helped the Clinton White House. These precedent makes me want to revisit the subject of Hatfield's death. In my grief, I have been personally OK with the official explanation, up until now. But since the public has a right to know what happened to Jim, I'm releasing these documents. I'm confident that the more rigorous of the public will look further into this. Perhaps there's more here than I see."



Sander Hicks

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photo: Michael Galinsky

Publisher Sander Hicks and Bush Biographer Jim Hatfield at Book Expo America, June 2001, in Chicago. A month and a half later, Jim would be dead. Three months later, Hicks would request a leave of absence from Soft Skull Press, Inc.




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