Excerpts from Recent Green Business Journalism

Sander Hicks

Life Among the Eco-Capitalists: A Revolution Takes Hold in New Jersey
When you step into world of TerraCycle, leave all your old ideas about trash at the door.

Published by AlterNet. Posted May 6, 2009.

"We're eco-capitalists, we make money selling garbage," [CEO Tom Szaky] says…On the phone with AlterNet, he adds, "You can't feel bad about saving the world and making money."

TerraCycle proves it's cheaper to clean used bottles than use new or recycled plastic bottles. So, TerraCycle plant food is not only organic and beating Miracle Gro in a battery of tests, the retail price is lower. On-the-street guerrilla market research of the "billboard bags" showed that folks were willing to pay $25-$35 for the hip, urbane pouches. What are the margins on a product that retails for $35 with no material costs? OfficeMax just ordered 10,000.



Let's Cut Out the Banks and Finance American Innovation

Then the U.S. government can be an investor instead of a reluctant donor.

Published by AlterNet. December 12, 2008.

“What if we had a big, grassroots, community-focused ‘green venture capital fund’ in every town in America? What if there was new money available to all the creative souls out there yearning to quit their lousy job, or get out of the army of the unemployed and start a company that did something in the public interest?