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Notes from interviews with Harvey Gough

Harvey Gough a 32 year vetern of the Texas National Guard (he was the Warrant Officer, C4, at Camp Mabry)

He says that Dan Bartlett and Danny James came to him at Camp Mabry in 1993, right after Bush was inaugurated as Governor, and deleted portions of Bush's TANG file.

I asked Gough what he believed was scrubbed? "I think quite a bit. I think all his time in Alabama."

alsoŃ "I taught Bartlett the military system as soon as Bush was inaugurated as Governor. He learned pretty good. He and I got along. He came from the Bush group as a novice, he didn't know the military system."

"He learned pretty good, he and I got along. Danny James (later Adjutant General of TANG) had a fancy name [dad was top brass] we got along for the first 2-3 years he had no idea how to run an organization...[instituted a 4-day work week],

Guard in Texas is 98% Army. Don Evans was convinced that Gough was a dope dealer. Don Evans and Bush used to go to Mexico and play with whores.

round 2.

I called back w/ 5 follow up ?

1. What was scrubbed from records?

2. Why?

3. Who else witnessed it?

4. What was your rank?

5. Was there a Flight Inquiry Board over Bush's suspension?



1. I think quite a bit, I think all his time in Alabama. The way you figure out if he did his time or not you go to DFAS, (in Colorado and Clevland) do a FOIA. See if he made drill.

2. see above

3. Find the Colonel in charge for "retained records" I can't remember name, but if you told me the last couple, I would probably remember it. It begins with an "S."

4. Warrant Officer, C4

5. No knowledge.






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