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Hard Right White-Supremacist Tendencies of the GOP
A Sander Hicks Report
with additional reporting by Toby Rogers

The true patriots of the USA are getting excited. We're part of a swiftly growing counter-march that will take to the streets on August 24th in DC to confront the National Alliance, the American neo-Nazi group. We will dominate that scene, we will have the numbers, we will have a diversity of tactics and backgrounds, and we will have the moral authority. But before we assume we've won, and routed those 250 or so overt nazis from the Capitol Steps, let's realize what we're really up against.

President Bush's own politics are alarmingly similar to those of the Klan and nazi skinheads.

As Governor, Bush opposed hate crimes legislation, even after the brutal racist murder of James Byrd.

Bush sent letters of support to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, praising it for its 'dedication to others' and for the group's 'high standards.' His letter was published in their official magazine in 1996. The UDC is more than just a historical preservationist group that erects statues to honor the Southern secession. They have worked with and have honored the pro-Klan, white-supremacist scholar Michael A. Grissom. They print T-shirts that seek to encourage the GOP to become the party of a "Republican Majority from Dixie!"
[Source: Introduction to Fortunate Son by Toby Rogers and Nick Mamatas.]

Bush was a donor to the Museum of the Confederacy's Annual Ball, in 1997 in Richmond, Virginia. Bush was honorary Chairman, where guests traditionally arrive in period "Confederate" costume. The event was held in the old Tredegar Iron Works, where slave labor was used to make half of the total cannon of the Confederacy. [Sources: Chris Kromm's feature on this topic in Southern Exposure, Richmond National Parks Quarterly Newsletter]

During his campaign, Bush did not condemn the flying of the Confederate Flag over the South Carolina Statehouse, insisting that the issue was for the people of South Carolina to decide. After losing the New Hampshire Primary to McCain by 18 points, Bush reinvigorated his troops by attacking McCain from South Carolina's Bob Jones University, the far-right Fundamentalist Christian school. The choice of location is telling. Bob Jones University did not officially admit minorities until 1975, after a court-order brought on by a lawsuit from the IRS. BJU subsequently lost their tax-exempt status for outlawing inter-racial dating. Attacking McCain from Bob Jones University was a perfect way for Bush to show his big money handlers that ethics would not stop him from capturing the White House for them no matter what. [Source: Personal notes from Campaign 2000. See an archived press releaseon this at Doug Henwood's site, here.]

President Bush authorized the placement of a Presidential wreath at he Confederate Monument on Memorial Day 2001. Ironically, this practice had been suspended by Papa Bush during his own administration. [Source:]


Ashcroft: The More Overt GOP Racist?

Even more alarming is the pro-white-supremacist behavior of Attorney General John Ashcroft. Freedom-loving Americans deserve to know that the man who is chipping away at civil liberties has endorsed and supported the pro-slavery magazine Southern Partisan.
Among these many backward, far-right lunatic beliefs are praise for Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, as well as "super hero" Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the KKK. Ashcroft, in an interview said, "Your magazine also helps set the record straight. You've got a heritage of doing that, of defending Southern patriots.... Traditionalists must do more. I've got to do more." [Southern Partisan, Second Quarter/1998]

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting have created an authoritative list of what Southern Partisan stands for. These beliefs are just as preposterous and ahistorical as those of the neo-nazis in the street. But in this case, this is a magazine read by the Attorney General of the U.S.

Time to Take Action

Historically, the values of the far-right, i.e. fascism, have been used by the fat cats of big business as a distraction when their capitalistic system goes into crisis. It's not just the white pride and the chauvinism that attract people like Bush and Ashcroft to these racist groups. As the leaders of a corrupt system in deep ca-ca, extreme nationalism is their last resort to divert working-class power away from its own self-emancipation. They know that once the working class unites and decides to clean house and bring in some real democracy, their whole corrupt racist charade will be over.

Bush's Presidential candidacy was officially endorsed by Matt Hale, founder of the far-right Churchof the Creator. There's more of a link between the National Alliance and our Nation's "leaders" than you might think.

Racism isn't just prejudice.
It lives deep in this system, and a certain class of men want to keep it there.
What are YOU going to do about it?

March Against The Neo-Nazis on
August 24, Washington, DC

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"The Spirit of Justice" looms over the Attorney General
in more ways than one!


Artwork: Seth Tobocman


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