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OK, folks, this is Exhibit V of Delmart Vreeland's Habeus Corpus application. Over the time since I published the Wildcard story on GNN, I've come to realize that this letter written by Vreeland's attorneys might be one of most credible things about Vreeland. It's one thing to try and sift through the statements of a master criminal/ONI agent. It's another thing when respected former Crown Attorneys write that they made "head bashing attempts" to warn Canadian and US Intelligence about Vreeland's warnings starting in June 2001.

Here's some info not in the letter, from my interview with Paul Slansky, Vreeland's attorney. Slansky and Galati contacted CSIS (Canada's CIA) and convinced them to come interview Vreeland in Prison. Around August 8, 2001, Sergeant Maybee and Corporal Kispel came and heard what Vreeland had to say, but did nothing with it. On August 11/12th, a frustrated Vreeland wrote his notes about what was to happen on 9/11.

In the wake of the 9/11 disaster,On October 5th, 2001, Paul Slansky and partner Rocco Galati wrote this four page letter to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It takes the RCMP and Canadian intelligence seriously to task for a applying "ludicrous litmus test to pre-judge the credibility" of Vreeland's information.

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