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Give me that old time Religion, but in a whole new way. This is my short-lived stand in 2010, in the Huffington Post Religion section, until I resigned.


My First Film:


Spring, 2010 Page on
9/11 Truth Breakthroughs.



My 2008 article on the "Dive to the Mat" that the Brooklyn DA's office, and NY Media, took on this case.


Wiki Hicks
Sander on Wikipedia
The New American Dream:
Hicks interviewed by Mike Palacek, Author and blogger.
Hicks on Bush, Black Ops, Hatfield, JFK, and 9/11 Interviewed by Education Forum, UK

Sander Hicks talks to Book TV, C-SPAN, about Vox Pop, the Megaphone, and 9/11.


From 2003: Exclusive Interview with a
National Commissioner on 9/11

Long Island Protestors Confront Fox News'
Sean Hannity!

"The People Will Not Go to War Over Imperialism:
(My first article on 9/11 Truth)
A New Look at the Reality of 9/11"

Enron's End Run: My Report on Enron

GOP Advisor David Horowitz Flips Out on Hicks!
Hicks' Chapter on Horowitz from Karl Rove bio.

White Supremacy in the GOP:

Bush and Ashcroft have more in common with the Klan than with you or me. Special Report

Focus on FEMA
Originally published at GNN and INN World Report TV


Two Stories I Discussed on Majority Report, Air America...
Crude Oil Conspiracy?
Is the Oil Industry Colluding to Suppress The Country's Retail Gas Prices Until After the Election? >>


On July 18, 2001, Soft Skull Press's controversial biographer of George W. Bush, Jim Hatfield, was found dead in a hotel room outside of his hometown in Arkansas.

I had been his editor and publisher for almost two years. When I dried my tears days later in New York, I bought a van, hit the road, and investigated Hatfield's suicide.



A Sanderhicks.com Exclusive:

More Info on the Venice Flight School's Connection to CIA
and an interview with the irrepressible Daniel Hopsicker

The Campaign 2004 Archive:

The Sanderhicks.com Handbook
on Election Year Politics

Can Studying the '92 and '00 Campaigns Tell Us

I. How to Beat a Bush: Memoirs and Lessons from the
'92 Campaign:

II. Rove: Bush's Brain >>

III. "This Guy is Not Running This Place."

Ex-Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox on
Reagan, Dubya and Rove.
Exclusive! >>

NEW CBC BROADCAST CONFIRMS Bush/Bath/Bin Laden Connection!

On October 29, on Candian TV, Texas Patriot and former Bush associate Bill White confirmed the Bath-Bush-bin Laden connection.

For Standing up to the Bush Family, White was destroyed in the Texas Courts. Full transcript from the CBC (with typos and fact-checking errors edited by sanderhicks.com) here! >>



In The News:

New Sanderhicks.com study of Bush's "Volunteer Sheet"
from Texas Air National Guard files shows Bush chose to opt out of overseas duty. >>

on PUNK:

"Punk is a type of friendship."
Sparrow and S.Hicks attempt to define Punk Rock.

Tribute to Joe Strummer.

White Collar Crime & Seth Tobocman Get Thrown out of their own in-store appearance at Borders, in North Carolina:
The Tour Diary: Vol. 1


Sarcoxie & Sealove, 2003
The Breaking Light, 1998, revised 2001
Sealove, Manager, 1996
Cash Cow, 1994
Critical Feedback on the Plays, Here.



This was sent in by a Soft Skull Press book customer, written almost two years ago, about Bush. Very prophetic, when you think of Cynthia McKinney.

The Suicide Diaries:
When people ask me if Jim Hatfield really committed suicide, this is where I point them >>


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