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General Construction

Lower East Side Queen Sized Loft
Eco-Sourced Walnut and Cherry, Reclaimed Lumber for Framing
Designed with Client, Ms. Yvonne Gao



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Green sourcing!
Meet Jeff, the "Salvage Logger."


"It was surprisingly hard to find a company to build an interesting sleeping loft.  There are customizable dorm style structures galore, but very few with an actual 'design'.  We were looking for something minimal and sleek, with a natural and organic feeling.
I came across Sander's site and it was the perfect match.  The whole process was enjoyable and unique.  Sander was very open to suggestions.  It was fun to come up with ideas such as having the loft be irregularly shaped as opposed to a symmetrical rectangle.  I suggested an actual tree trunk for added texture (and Sander found and cut one down upstate!). The result was a combination of rustic and modern that fits our cozy space perfectly."

-Yvonne Gao,
Zen Carpentry's Recent Loft Bed Customer

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