4/28/2010 Hicks for Senate Campaign Statement:

My platform and campaign are centered around three main points:

1. Peace Leadership

It's time for the USA to become a leader in non-violent conflict resolution. This is the right direction for our country, to develop and spread the science of advanced human communication. This is our true legacy as Americans: Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez, who showed that nonviolence is more effective than violence.

This is the way people can rationally love America again.

2. Peace Economics

The war economy has bankrupted our country. This is a great opportunity, actually. We need to seriously reform capitalism to make it more democratic. I have written for Alternet about "Public Interest Venture" financing, a way that local governments (and a Federally funded Public Interest Capital Bank) could directly fund progressive and green entrepreneurs. This would be a real economic stimulus, and show an innovative way market mechanisms can be used in the service of the public.

3. True Transparency

Despite Obama's promises, the Federal government relies on deception and subterfuge. The Iraq War, 9/11, Anthrax, torture, Guantanamo Bay, are all crimes against humanity that need full investigation, and prosecution of the guilty. The internet is an incredible gift to humanity, and we need to realize its full potential to empower citizens with information about US power, and how their taxes are being spent.

My campaign launch/announcement event is Wednesday Night, 9 PM, at Webster Hall, on E. 11th Street (4th and 3rd Aves) in the East Village, NYC. My band, Rebel Moon, will play, as well as Block and Alana Sveta. It's five bands for five bucks, produced by "Anti-Folk" Legend, Lach.


We are holding the first meeting of campaign volunteers that day at 7 PM at the Due Amici Pizzeria, right around the corner from the event, at E. 12th, and 3rd Ave, Please RSVP.

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Campaign Kick Off Event at Webster Hall! May 5th. With Hicks' band Rebel Moon, also live musical performances from Alana Sveta and Jamie Block. RSVP.



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