Hicks Quits HuffPo Over Censorship

I just quit Huffington Post, here's the letter to my editors, Alana Elias-Kornfeld, & Paul Brandeis Raushenbush:

Dear Alana,

I find the use of form letters a bit demeaning. I was hungry for an answer.
You gave me a stone.

I know what the policy at HuffPo is already, in fact, I believe you already
sent me that email, verbatim, before.

My question was really how am I expected to stay writing for you, for free,
when most of my pieces are rejected, without explanation.

I'm asking for some human decency. Are we progressives who write about the
highest aspirations of humanity, the dream and vision of the world's religions, but when it comes to how we treat each other, this is all we get?
Curt and cold form letters?

Remember that scientific paper I dropped off at Huff. Po. for you and
Ariana? I never got a response. Dr. Niels Harrit's paper is peer-reviewed
and is undisputed. Dr. Harrit is in town from Denmark, and is giving a press
conference not far away from the Huffington Post office. I dare you to go.
The attached link contains a story written by local journalist Priya Reddy.

Sure, the 9/11 question is controversial. But let's fact the facts: The
editorial policy regarding the undefined term "conspiracy theories" at
Huffington Post is unconstitutional. To refuse to even discuss a topic is an
abrogation of the spirit and letter of the First Amendment. What you all are
engaging in there is censorship with a smile.

Don't you have any emotions about what happened to your city and the people
of that city, on 9/11/01?

Doesn't it bother you intellectually that never before in the history of buildings, have fires brought down a steel framed structure?

A demonic spirit of war and censorship and fear was unleashed nine years ago, by the fires of 9/11. You are playing by its rules. I will not.

What does your spirit want? Do you really want the truth?

It seems like Huffington Post is all about rules, and procedure, and
pleasing the Democratic Party war machine power establishment. But those goals are contrary to a free spirit of inquiry into the truth.

I will not write for you under these conditions. I can't take the rudeness, the pseudo-professionalism, and the censorship. It's not what I was promised by the First Amendment. Under current policy, I will no longer write for the Huffington Post.

I am open to further discussion, if you want. I wish you peace, the peace
the world does not know.

Yours Sincerely,

Sander Hicks